Creative Tote on Serger Tutorial
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This is a 50 page tutorial with access to more guides and videos.  The idea of this project is to learn to use the serger and the stitches but also to have fun with decorative thread.  Each panel is decorated using one of the serger stitches. When all the panels are complete they are serger quilted and serged together to form this bag. 

Stitches are Rolled edge, narrow hem, 3 thread decorative, flatlock, 4 thread, wave stitch, Cover stitch and chain (although you could use your sewing machine if you do not have Cover Stitch and Chain) NOTE: if your serger does not have Cover and chain there is an additional file for the `Yahoo Panel` which can be done in place of the Chain Panel.  

Techniques include putting in a zip using a decorative flatlock, using the ruffler foot, crochet lace, flatlock weaving, Prairie points, imitation piping, piping, 3 thread wave.

Plese note that the lovely 3d flowers are designed by Jennie Rayment and I use them with her blessing.

This is a fun project for those who want to be creative and work with decorative thread on their serger.

Any questions, please email me.

This is a downloadable pattern and therefore not refundable.


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Creative Tote on Serger Tutorial

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